Made in Mexico Monthly Events

Dare to experience true Mexican culture

Celebrate the richness of Mexican culture with Made in Mexico. Partake in a symphony of culinary delights, wellness revelations, and immersive cultural events and activities that capture Mexico's heritage. Nestled within TAFER's breathtaking havens in Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta, come together to embrace Mexico's richness and craft cherished memories.

Gourmet Culinary


Embark on a taste-packed Mexican adventure igniting your senses. This September, indulge in an array of exceptional culinary experiences:

  • Welcome Drinks from Mexico
  • Master Mexican Cuisine in Cooking Classes
  • Taste the Mexican gastronomy
  • Iconic Mexican beverages made with endemic fruits of the region. (All restaurants)
  • Iconic Mexican dishes prepared with local ingredients. (All restaurants)
the art of living


Embrace the tapestry of Mexican culture and embark on a journey of discovery. Immerse yourself in the traditions that have shaped Mexico's vibrant identity as you experience

  • Ancestral Mexican games.
  • Traditional Mexican music and live music.
  • Mexican delights for the turndown service.
  • Handcraft Mexican wrestling mask.
  • How to make a piñata classes (Kids Only)
  • Mexican handcrafts classes (Kids Only)


Complete your Mexican experience with the ultimate relaxation at a world-class spa. Let yourself unwind with personalized treatments using indigenous traditional Mexican ingredients and ancient rituals

  • Maya treatments and rituals
  • Mexican Beauty treatment

This September

Experience the Magic of Made in Mexico Across TAFER's Resorts.

Immerse yourself fully in the Made in Mexico experience during your September stay with exclusive packages and additional amenities to celebrate Mexican culture in style.