Zero Plastic Initiative

Better for you, better for the planet!

At TAFER Hotels & Resorts we are proud to share our ZERO Plastic initiative. Our objective is to eliminate single use bottles whilst providing the highest quality of water. Through this initiative, you contribute to the preservation of the planet. We bottle our water to save the planet. Bottle 100% reusable.

Zero Plastic

By the end of 2022, TAFER will replace all in-room individually packaged toiletries with refillable 300ml shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel dispensers at each resort, and eliminate single-use plastics from hotel restaurants, bars, public areas, and guestrooms. With the removal of in-room water bottles, guests will be provided with branded glass bottles to be refilled from their personal room dispenser and Tritan bottles made of BPA-free plastic alternative, to use at the pool and beach during their stays. Further, in an effort to effectively sanitize while conserving water, TAFER’s dining outlets will rely on the innovative technology brought forth by MEIKO professional dishwashers, which effectively reduce water consumption by up to 70%.

With these small changes, TAFER expects to reduce its ecological footprint by preventing the production of over 65 tons of plastic waste, as well as the emission of over 150 tons of carbon dioxide per resort per year.

Zero plastic tafer
Tafer zero plastic initiative

Used in our restaurants

Tafer zero plastic initiative

*For gym and outdoor activities

Tafer zero plastic initiative

*Exclusive use in our Suites

*Available for purchase in our Markets and Logo Shop (Luna Deli, The Shop & Market).


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