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Spa Imagine

Puerto Vallarta

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Spa Imagine sits like the crown jewel on the 15th floor of Hotel Mousai, soaring high with the birds offering 360 degree views of unspoiled ocean and lush rainforest. Its sensual and expansive interior, designed to de-clutter the mind and inspire a state of heavenly serenity, includes a blissful hydrotherapy circuit with whirlpools, a pressure massage shower, ice cold lagoon and relaxation loungers looking out to the heavens.  

The Healing Mission

The mission at Spa Imagine is to guide and soothe guests along their journey towards achieving wellness and beauty goals within a pampered and chic setting; delivering an exceptional palette of personalized spa therapies focused on balancing the body, mind, and spirit, in addition to organizing a variety of wellness retreats and workshops.

In today’s fast moving world, recognizing, achieving and maintaining our true balance and inner light can be a challenge. Spa Imagine provides a luxurious platform for guests to explore and cleanse the inner recesses of the mind, body, heart and soul for transformational experiences and heartwarming encounters.

Personalized Services

Spa Imagine’s experiences should be as peerless and unique as each of our guests. Treatment rooms are equipped with a state of the art temperature sensitive therapy table and is fashioned to embody one of the seven sacred energy centers, or Chakras, to further ensure an experience custom-tailored for personal balance. Employing ancient wisdom together with contemporary ingredients and technology, the spa menu is something to behold while highly trained staff guide guests through a unique experience.