May 4 to 31, 2019

Time to celebrate mexican traditions

Time to celebrate mexican traditions

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta will host the fifth annual Hecho en México festival this May.

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Taste and touch Mexican arts, crafts and cuisine

Every year, Hecho en México invites local, talented, and well known Mexican artists, chefs and fashion designers at the top of their fields to come and exhibit on the Garza Blanca and Hotel Mousai properties. They are excited to share their extensive knowledge and specialized skills with you!

The festival will run throughout the month of May, beginning on May 4th and ending on May 31st. The festival will be divided into four main pillars: Art, Fashion, Music, and Gastronomy.

Each week of the month will be dedicated to one of these topics. There will be a main event to open each week, and we will have activities, workshops and exhibitions each week.

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Rhythms of Mexico

Music Week | May 4-10 Rhythms of Mexico

Music Week opens with an orchestra concert in the main lobby on Saturday May 4th, performed by The Municipal Band of Puerto Vallarta. The Municipal Band of Puerto Vallarta was founded in 1981 with the help of Flavio Romero de Velasco, who was governor of the state of Jalisco at that time. With his support, the Municipal Band received instruments for almost 30 musicians. | Download events calendar

Arts Week | May 11-17 Traditions of Mexico

Art Week opens on Saturday May 11th, with a welcome cocktail party from 5:00-6:00 pm in the main lobby, which will be set up as an art gallery displaying art of the Huichols. The Huichols, also known as Wixarikas, are indigenous people found mainly in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. It is a small community of descendants of the Aztecs who maintain their traditions, beliefs and ritual practices that date before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. | Download events calendar

Traditions of Mexico
Colors of Mexico

Fashion Week | May 18-24 Colors of Mexico

Our goal during Fashion Week is to present modern fashions by Mexican designers and showcase the very special place that Mexican designers hold in the world of fashion, based on their interpretation of their own culture, as well as social and economic factors that are important to Mexicans, and how they bring these ideas to life through clothing. We will also include Huichol fashion designs as part of Fashion Week, as well as several workshops on artisan textiles and jewelry, embroidered belts and hats.
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Gastronomy Week | May 25-31 A Taste of Mexico

The week of May 25-31 is Gastronomy Week. The first event of the week is a mini gastronomy festival on Saturday May 25th. The festival will include Mexican liquors and a tasting menu at Blanca Blue. Throughout the rest of the week we will present various culinary related workshops.
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A Taste of Mexico
logo Blanca Blue Restaurant

Blanca Blue Restaurant and Lounge at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa showcases elegant avant-garde fine dining experiences where delicious Mexican flavors take center stage to surprise as well as satisfy the taste buds with creative flair.

Blanca Blue Restaurant

Contributors and sponsors

We could not put on this festival without the expert individuals and local businesses who contribute and ensure that the event promotes the finest Mexican products and cultural experiences. We are proud to introduce you to our team of contributors and sponsors.

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