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Underwater Cocktails in Cozumel

Underwater Cocktails in Cozumel

Do you want to experience a unique underwater adventure? Clear Lounge is the place to go. Located at Puerta Maya, on the Carnival Cruise port in Cozumel, Mexico, the Lounge draws more and more curious crowds as the world’s first ever underwater oxygen bar. Major media outlets are taking notice of its popularity as ABC News, DailyMail.com, USA Today and NBC are some of the agencies that have already featured this great attraction. This one-of-a-kind underwater bar will enable you to experience a totally novel activity while on vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Basic Information

Basic information

Guests of the underwater lounge wear state-of-the-art helmet technology which enables them to remain underwater without taking a course and breathe enhanced, fragranced oxygen at the same time. The Sea TREK® is a high-tech helmet which sits on an individual’s shoulders, keeping them dry from the shoulders up. Not only that, this innovative helmet supplies refreshing and cool oxygen-infused air mixed with unique fragrances which guests can choose.

The thirty-minute session also includes a short instructional time. What’s the best thing about Clear Lounge? You don’t have to be a diver to experience this. As long as you can walk around, climb a ladder, and breathe while participating in engaging and fun activities underwater, you may get down to the Lounge.

Fun-filled Cocktail Lounge

Fun filled cocktail lounge

After wearing your high-tech helmet infused with aromatic air and fresh oxygen, you may start climbing down to the lounge and start your unique adventure there. You will first notice the feeling of weightless beneath the water, then the scented oxygen will increase your body’s metabolism and stimulate your senses making you more relaxed and energetic at the same time.

For the artistic or poetic guests, there are opportunities to write or draw your thoughts and sentiments on subaqua tablets to share with fellow underwater guests or with travel companions watching outside the Lounge. Playful individuals can take part in an underwater Jenga game or high-powered bubble guns. No need for waterproof cameras as Clear Lounge has an underwater photo-booth complete with a LED digital wall portraying distinctive images on the background as you pose with mustaches, hats, masks, martini glasses, and other comical props.

After your underwater experience in Cozumel, the adventure with oxygen does not stop there. Continue experiencing oxygen-overload as you try the oxygen infused fruit smoothies of a smoothie bar nearby. This provides additional boost on top of your lounge time.

What are you waiting for? Be part of this groundbreaking experience and head your way to Cozumel Island where this exciting underwater cocktail lounge awaits. Easily get to this travel attraction by taking a regular ferry from Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen can be reached directly from Cancun. Don’t miss out the fun! Enjoy oxygen infusion with this unique underwater adventure.

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