Best Chinese Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta to Dine at with Friends

Best Chinese Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta to Dine at with Friends

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a milestone, or simply want to try something authentic and delicious, DAO Restaurant at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta is the perfect setting for a dinner with friends that you will surely remember forever.

Hotel Mousai: much more than just a resort

Hotel Mousai is an impressive adults-only resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that features top tier amenities and accommodations, diverse wellness-inspired activities and services, and exquisite on-site gourmet restaurants that vary from traditional Mexican to contemporary Chinese cuisine; such is the case of DAO, a Chinese restaurant located between both Mousai towers, where you will get to delight all your senses with the best Chinese dinner experience accompanied by your closest friends.

Chinese dinner with friends at DAO: a culinary experience like no other

DAO is a new, contemporary Chinese concept that offers breathtaking views of the tropical rainforest through its Mondrian style glass walls which blend perfectly with the contemporary Chinese décor in red, white, and black tones, which are additionally accentuated by tapestry, marble, ceramics, and red wood to create an ambience that is exclusive, modern, and exhilarating.

Indoor View

DAO is the perfect setting for a dinner with friends, whether it is a celebration or simply a pretext to enjoy an exciting meal with your favorite people while vacationing in paradise. At DAO, each dish is a well thought blend of high-end and traditional Chinese cuisine that will take you on a culinary journey through Asia.

Royalty-Style Cuisine

You can start your dinner with friends with some appetizers like Crab Wonton Rangoon, Crispy Shrimp Toast, or Honey-glazed Walnut Shrimps, followed by some Dim Sum and Fried Rice and vegetables.

Hotel mousai lifestyle Dao friends (1)

Next up, the star of DAO, and a staple of Chinese cuisine: make sure to order the Peking duck to share. Peking duck was first prepared for the Emperor in the Yuan Dynasty, and has been part of the royalty tables since the 13th century. The Peking duck at DAO is the perfect dish to crown an unforgettable dinner with friends.

For dessert, try the Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Seasonal Fruits or the Green Tea Creme Bruleé.

DAO is the perfect place to share a Chinese dinner with friends in a dreamy and tropical setting with Puerto Vallarta’s jungle as backdrop. Dare to live the full TAFER experience. Click here to learn more.

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