Zamá: The Best Mexican Restaurant in Cancun

Zamá: The Best Mexican Restaurant in Cancun

Most of us agree that traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures; exploring a country’s sites, learning its history, and tasting its unique gastronomy fuels our wanderlust souls. A destination’s local cuisine positively impacts our travel dining experiences. World-class destinations like Cancun offer more than beautiful turquoise beaches and fun sun-filled activities. The culinary scene is bustling with restaurants in every specialty and price range. And, of course, you will find the most authentic Mexican food. A dining experience at the best Mexican restaurant in Cancun is part of the whole captivating adventure.

Villa del Palmar’s Best Mexican Restaurant

Best Mexican Restaurant
Zamá Restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Zamá is the best Mexican restaurant in the region. Located in the new booming area of Cancun, Playa Mujeres, you will find Zamá within Villa del Palmar Cancun, a AAA 4 Diamond-rated resort. If you get excited about trying new restaurants, Villa del Palmar Cancun offers a Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive plan that, as the name hints, is all about gourmet cuisine options with five excellent specialty restaurants, one of which is the exquisite Zamá Restaurant.

Zamá in the Heart of the Best All-Inclusive Resort

Zamá means “Dawn” in the Mayan language, a name that pays tribute to the ancestral heritage of the region, one you can feel anywhere you go from ruins, sacred water caves -cenotes- to its extraordinary gastronomy. Cancun draws its vibrant culinary identity from the Yucatan Peninsula, a territory well known for its bold flavors and Mayan influence.

Villa del Palmar Cancun
Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa

Set in the center of the resort, Zamá restaurant immediately captures your attention with its sophisticated hut-style design. Surrounded by the large pool areas’ relaxing atmosphere and stunning views of the iconic beach, it welcomes you into its breezy open-air concept, ideal for those warm Cancun days. The cultural influence shows up in the delectable lunch and dinner menu selection of Zamá.

The Best Mexican Menu in Town

Begin your dining experience with an exquisite artisanal cocktail. The catchy names will invite you to taste them all, so beware! A classic Frida Kahlo, a white tequila with almond liquor and coconut rum topped with pineapple, mango, and lime, is a great starter. Or a Carlota, prepared with mezcal, hibiscus cordial, lime, grapefruit, and a fresh infusion of season fruit. The drink menu highlights the popular national tequila and mezcal. However, Zamá offers beers and other spirits as well.

The Best Mexican Restaurant
Refreshing drink at Zamá

The tasty appetizers hint at what we can expect our main course to be. Made with fresh local ingredients, the array of “Entradas” will open your appetite and get you excited for what’s next. The Tuna Tacos are palate pleasers made with red tuna, scallions and almonds, chile serrano sauce, lime, and tortilla. Another favorite dish is the Queso Fundido which translates into melted cheese. Served in a parmesan crust, this savory delight, melted cheese, is topped with garlic-infused portobello mushrooms and warm tortillas!

Sopes in Mexico
Sopes at Zamá Restaurant

Ceviche is a preferred go-to dish on beach vacations; there is something about the freshness of this classic dish that pairs well with sunny days. Zamás’s menu has a variety of ceviche plates, such as Ceviche Zama, a mixture of shrimp, octopus, and fish steeped in lime and orange juices with purple onion serrano chiles, corn, and cilantro.

Mexican ceviche
Mexican dishes at Zamá Restaurant

The casual lunch menu features even more ceviche and fresh fish tostadas like the Tostada Tulum, prepared with tuna, sesame oil, avocado, coriander, green tomatoes, and crispy leeks. And the Tostada Playa Mujeres with shrimp cured in lime juice with red onion, palmetto, green peas, tomato, cucumber, and topped with black sesame seeds.

Tuna tostada at Zamá Restaurant

Lunchtime at Zamá has something delicious for everyone’s taste, from roasted chicken and Zamá burgers to the mouthwatering Enmoladas, rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and topped with mole sauce.

Gourmet Diner Experience

Best Mexican Restaurant in Mexico
Table for 4 with diverse Mexican dishes

The Dinner menu at Zamá accentuates the richness of Mexico’s famous gastronomy with some of the country’s favorite corn masa dishes like Sopes,Pambazos, and Gorditas served with delicious savory toppings. The diversity of the main course selections is fine dining at its best, from grilled salmon with lentil relish and Oaxaca’s black mole, to the exquisitely roasted pork shank with plantain puree topped with pickled red onions and sweet habanero. Zamá also includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, and will accommodate any food restrictions with the previous request.

Trying authentic Mexican food is an integral part of the vacation dining experience when in Mexico. Zamá is the best Mexican restaurant in Cancun. So, stop by and taste the allure of real Mexican cuisine and find out why it shines worldwide.

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