The Best Italian Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

The Best Italian Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a busy, bustling place whose cobbled streets thrive with life late at night. There is a wide variety of restaurants hosting an array of incredible cuisines in this coastal city on the Pacific Ocean. Dishes from all over the world clatter through congested kitchens, competing for their time in the spotlight. Sometimes the rich spread of options can be overwhelming. It’s times like this that we seek the homely comfort of a wood-fired oven, the sweet aromas of Mediterranean herbs, or the reliable and dependable satisfaction of a mouthful of handmade pasta. It is times like this that we need an Italian restaurant. Read on to find out more about the best Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

Where to Eat in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta offers diverse gastronomy with flavors from Mexico and around the world. Whether you want to have a romantic dinner on the beach, in an elegant garden with string lights, at an authentic Mexican restaurant, or just grab a couple of tacos to go from a street stand, you will find everything your palate craves here.

Puerto Vallarta at night

There are many upscale restaurants to choose from with menus created by world-renowned chefs. For French cuisine, Café des Artistes is a must-try. The restaurant’s Founder, Thierry Blouet, has won many international awards. If you want to connect with a little bit of history, make sure you put dining at Iguana restaurant on your bucket list. Iguana restaurant is located at Casa Kimberly, the former home of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

But if it is Italian food that you crave, the best Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta is NOI, located in Hotel Mousai’s South Tower. Hotel Mousai is a chic and contemporary adults-only resort located on the south shore of Puerto Vallarta and the only AAA Five Diamond-rated resort in the state of Jalisco.

With its wide range of gourmet restaurants and high standards of service, Hotel Mousai is an oasis of high-quality cuisine.

NOI: Best Italian Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

When you think about Italian cuisine, you probably imagine rustic dishes served by dedicated elderly chefs who have spent decades slaving over wood-ovens to finely craft traditional dishes to pure perfection. NOI seeks to take that dedication to the development of the cuisine and sweep it into the modern age. The kitchen delivers all the delicious classics, pasta, pizza, le carni and risotto, but puts a modern twist on each dish. The sauces are entwined with the traditional pillars of ingredients, aromas of basil dance with the sweet scents of cherry tomatoes through the air as with any Italian restaurant, but when the plate reaches your table, you will be surprised by the construction of the dishes.


It is only when your food arrives that the ambience of the restaurant falls into place. Contemporary art cascades across the wall, wine is presented in provocatively shaped carafes, the whole restaurant is an exhibition of modern art and your dish is the headline piece. With your first bite, you will recognize the reliable heritage of traditional Italian cuisine, but it will be transported to your senses in an innovative, modern method. It is this combination of the old and the new which makes NOI the best Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.


Benefits of All-inclusive Resorts

Choosing to stay at an all-inclusive resort is like buying a ticket to a theme park for your palate. With the wide range of restaurants available, every night is a different ride. When you opt for the Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive Plan at Hotel Mousai, you can try flavors from around the world at its many gourmet restaurants including Hiroshi for Japanese cuisine, Blanca Blue for authentic Mexican cuisine, Bocados Steak House for succulent dry-aged steaks, NOI for the best Italian cuisine, and DAO for Contemporary Chinese Cuisine. Add to that two chic Rooftop restaurants and bars with sleek infinity pools, the Terrace restaurant for breakfast, and round-the-clock room service, a complete wonderland of textures and flavors awaits you at Hotel Mousai.

The Rooftop at Mousai south

But the budgeting benefits are the best part of all. With an all-inclusive resort there is no need to worry about expenses once you’ve entered the resort restaurant. Your whole meal has already been paid for, and you are free to try whichever starter, main course, dessert, and beverage that you fancy. You can rest assured that you can drink and dine at your leisure, exploring the opportunities available to you. The best part is that service is included with the all-inclusive plan, so once you sign the bill, you’re free to leave without trying to calculate who pays what or how much to leave for a tip. Of course, additional tips are always welcome should you wish to leave one.

Gourmet Restaurants at Hotel Mousai

When it comes to fine dining, Hotel Mousai offers the best dining experience in Puerto Vallarta. The range available is impeccable. DAO, the contemporary Chinese cuisine concept is a gallery of rouge. The comfortable chairs, the delightfully folded napkins, the ever-blossoming red wood which stands center-piece to the spacious restaurant and, of course, the mouthwatering crimson Peking duck are all glossed with the gorgeous hues of the Chinese color of luck and joy.

DAO best chinese restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

In contrast, the view from Bocados Steak House is completely enveloped by the dazzling blue waters of Banderas Bay. The views only serve to further enhance the grilled flavors of tender steaks, but better than just seeing the views, the open terrace with its Tiki torches and strolling musicians add an extra special ambience perfect for a romantic dinner. Hiroshi also has a terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean where you can almost smell the salt in the air of a sea breeze, further enhancing the subtle flavors of the raw delicacies on offer.

bocados restaurant in puerto vallarta

The range of cuisine and experience available is undeniably impressive. If you seek an amazing view, then relaxing by the pool at the Rooftop North or in the shade of the Rooftop South restaurants will give you access to stunning vistas. Or if you are after a more laid-back and comfortable dining experience for a casual lunch with your friends then The Terrace or Blanca Blue restaurant and lounge may be more to your tastes. The versatility of options available make the Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive Plan worth the cost. All of this available before you even make it to the best Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, NOI.

Top Italian Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Of course, NOI is not the only Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and if you really want to believe it’s the best then you will have to try the others to confirm. A good place to start might be the Aquazul bar and lounge, which is conveniently also part of the Hotel Mousai all-inclusive plan. Though they offer Mexican-fusion snacks during the day, through the evening they also offer pizza and pasta. If you still want to venture into town to try other Italian Restaurants, see a list of other recommended Italian restaurants here.

Buon appetito!

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