Perfect Plate for Luxury Diners

Perfect Plate for Luxury Diners

Luxury diners of the world will not be disappointed by the experiences on offer at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, Hotel Mousai and Villa del Palmar Cancun resorts, all of which form part of the Tafer Hotels & Resorts collection of unique vacation properties. As such, these resorts all operate Tafer’s Perfect Plate program in order to ensure that the fare offered is of the highest calibre.

Here’s what you need to know about Tafer’s Perfect Plate Program:

The Perfect Plate Program

The perfect plate program

The Perfect Plate program which has been put in place across Garza Blanca, Hotel Mousai and Villa del Palmar resorts has a very simple aim; provide all diners with consistent excellence. There are very clear measures taken to ensure that this is the case at all times.

It all begins with the ingredients used and the process by which dishes first make it to the resort menus. It all begins with the best quality, freshest, local ingredients that can be found in the area around each resort; the head chef then takes these components and experiments with dishes that can be made from them. Once a solid idea has been formed the dishes are presented to the Certification Committee (which is made up of management members, other chefs from the resort, and the owners of the resort) for evaluation of the taste, texture, quality, and presentation of the dishes. Only those which please the committee will make it onto the menu.

Once something is on the menu strict procedures are put in place to ensure that every time the selected dishes are reproduced they reach the same level of quality as that shown to the Certification Committee. This is why a strict checklist for the preparation and presentation of each dish can be found at every workstation in the kitchens. Furthermore, each and every day the head chef prepares an example dish to show the waiting and kitchen staff so that the way the dishes should look, smell, and taste every time they are served remain fresh in their mind. By implementing these measures the Villa del Palmar and Garza Blanca resorts across Mexico have raised the standard of the dishes which they offer, and ensured a new level of consistency in this excellence; this is the mark of luxury dining.

The Perfect Restaurant

The perfect restaurant

The Villa del Palmar, Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca resorts don’t just rely on the food itself, however, and as such have implemented the Perfect Restaurant program in order to maximise the enjoyment guests get out of every meal. This program focuses not just on the obvious things like cleanliness, décor, and maintenance, but also on the more fiddly details like lighting, music, temperature, and room layout. The aim, of course, is that the environment in which you dine should be as consistently flawless as the food itself.

So, the next time you find yourself dining in at Villa del Palmar, Hotel Mousai or Garza Blanca resort, please remember to leave your feedback with your waiter or waitress so that the continual improvement of the dining experience can continue.

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