Recommendations for Fine Dining in Cancun

Recommendations for Fine Dining in Cancun

There are many cultures in this world, past and present, that believe in the healing, fortifying properties of fine foods, and we believe that they’re all onto something good! Fine dining in Cancun is not only good for your body, but your soul as well! Fine dining, rather like travelling, can be a luxury experience rather than just an action when it’s done correctly, creating magical moments and lifelong memories in the process.

Cancun - a Destination Born for Fine Dining

The best vacation destinations in the world offer luxury experiences to massage your taste buds and pamper your stomach, and Cancun is definitely one of the stellar tourist destinations of the world. The Mexican Caribbean is a paradise that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every single year, and in addition to the city’s wonderful activities, white sands, and year round good climate, its cuisine is one of the reasons travelers come back each year.

Fine Dining in Cancun

At Villa del Palmar Resort and Spa in Cancun you will find five gourmet options including traditional Mexican cuisine, a steakhouse, Japanese fusion and a Mediterranean bistro! Nonetheless we can be sure that you will want to go into the city for a while, and as such we’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in the Cancun for you to try.


A quiet French restaurant in the heart of downtown, L’Escargot is a great option for fine dining in Cancun. Lovers of traditional French cuisine will be delighted by the menu, ambience and service on offer at L’Escargot. This unique eatery offers a peaceful ambience, a romantic atmosphere and a sophisticated menu to keep its guests happy.

Julia Mia

Julia Mia is one of the most popular bistros in the city amongst both locals and visitors. This is because of the unique twist the restaurant gives to the traditional Mexican dishes they offer. Thanks to their culinary creativity, Julia Mia has been thrust into the realm of the most popular and well-liked restaurants in Cancun. Whether you want to try your hand at blue crab taquitos or give goats cheese ravioli a chance, you can be sure that Julia Maria is the best place to start.

Du Mexique

Dip your toes into the fresh waters of Franco-Mexican fusion cuisine and ask yourself just why you’ve never tried it before! Du Mexique is one of the most unique and memorable dining experiences in the city, if not the country! What’s more, you’ll be made to feel like a special and honoured guest when the chef and his lovely wife meet you at the door. Book in advance if you want to eat here; this tiny slice of fine dining in Cancun seats only 20 people.

La Dolce Vita Centro

If the lure of good Italian food wasn’t strong enough on its own then you might want to also consider the world-class service and award winning specialties that La Dolce Vita has to offer. This restaurant is the place to eat if you’re looking for fresh seafood and traditional Italian dishes with a twist!

Vegan Planet

The vegans and vegetarians of Cancun have an ideal dining spot in the form of Vegan Planet; this 100% animal product free restaurant offers exciting and vibrant foods to tempt your tastebuds and stimulate your senses. Whether you want Italian food or Mexican classics it can all be found here!

Chef Cristian Morales Cocina de Autor

Chef Cristian Morales has been dazzling Cancun with his signature dishes from his downtown restaurant in Cancun. This is one gastronomical experience that won’t leave your memory for a long, long time. The menus change seasonally, too, so you’ll never find yourself bored with the selection on offer.

If you have visited a great restaurant on in the city that isn’t on this list then please leave some details about it in the comments section to help out our readers! Fine dining in Cancun is ever evolving, so keep on adding your recommendations.

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