Luxury Residences Head Butler Valenzo

Luxury Residences Head Butler Valenzo

Luxury Residences at Garza Blanca Resort and Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta is proud to introduce Jose Manuel Valenzo, our head butler. Valenzo, as he is affectionately known, leads the team that provides each of our Luxury Residences guests with amazing experiences and outstanding service. This young man leaves everyone that comes into contact with him while staying at the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa or Hotel Mousai with memories they won’t forget.

Butler Service at its Finest

Butler service at its finest

One thing is for certain at Luxury Residences: Valenzo takes his head butler position very seriously (coupled with a contagious smile). His attention to detail and the elegant services that he provides for each Luxury Residences guest is what makes all the difference to your vacations in Puerto Vallarta. Valenzo goes above and beyond in order to deliver those special details that ensure our guests’ expectations and desires are exceeded on a regular basis.

Rising through the ranks

At first, Valenzo was hired by Garza Blanca Resort’s Blanca Blue restaurant to join the service team but quickly his superiors could note his potential and subtle charm. Showing such commitment and dedication to providing exceptional service, joining the Luxury Residences team of butlers was the natural choice for him. After only two years as butler, Valenzo earned the position as head butler. Not only is he in charge of leading the other butlers but he is in charge of receiving any VIPs and celebrities that choose the Luxury Residences range for their vacations in Puerto Vallarta. You can be sure that each guest will be treated like royalty when served by our butlers.

What Services are Included with the Luxury Residences Butler Service?

Valenzo and his team will contact all Luxury Residences guest before they arrive to the resort in order to make any special preparations for your arrival, and attend to any requests big or small during your entire stay. He can see to simple things such as laundry, restaurant reservations and even shoe-shining as well as unpack and pack your cases, should you so wish. He can also give you a variety of recommendations on where to dine, shop, and go on an adventure. Throughout your stay at the Luxury Residences, your butler will be only a phone call away, which means that Valenzo and his concierges will try to meet each of your needs and requests as soon as physically possible.

His smile is just the beginning

For Valenzo, his job is more than just being an exceptional butler and providing a service, his job and goal is to connect with each guest, form a relationship, and create memories that you will treasure forever: “The best thing about doing my job is the feeling that I receive when a guest has had an amazing vacation at the resort.” shared Valenzo, “I am rewarded daily by seeing smiles on the guests’ faces, knowing that I have done my job well.”

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