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Hotel Mousai: Where Luxury and Technology Merge

Hotel Mousai: Where Luxury and Technology Merge

Did you know that Hotel Mousai is the only Five Diamond rated hotel in Puerto Vallarta? If you did, then it may come as no surprise that this hotel operates on both the cutting edge of luxury as well as technology. Hotel Mousai, like its sister hotel, Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, seeks to offer visitors to Puerto Vallarta the utmost comfort and luxury as well as those little details that were once considered whims of science fiction. Yet the fully integrated, iPad controlled technology is real and it lets you control almost every aspect of your suite with just one touch.

iPad technology

Ipad technology

This technology offers supreme ease and convenience to you when you stay at the Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta. From your suite iPad you can access various hotel services such as the telephone directory, restaurant and spa menus, activities schedule and concierge services. Using this technology you can make table reservations, book Spa treatments and even request a new lightbulb in your suite! You could set an alarm, order flowers or book a boat trip using your iPad.



Your iPad also lets you get the atmosphere right every single time with total control over lighting, temperature, music and even your doorbell! Using your iPad you can open and close your curtains, set your room to privacy mode, which deactivates the doorbell and puts a do not disturb message in place. If you want an easy way to set the right mood you can also choose from some of the pre-set options. If you’re looking for a romantic night in choose ‘Tease’, if you’re watching movies try ‘Flicks’.

Toto Washlet Technology


The Hotel Mousai’s suites all have Toto washlet technology which transforms your toilet into a bidet with the touch of a button. That’s not all it does, however! You can set it to warm the seat at night in case you need to get up, and with a separate W.C. and shower cubicle you can be sure that you’ll have full privacy in this bathroom. Separated from the bedroom by a large mirror wall this bathroom overlooks your private plunge pool, too!

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