How Safe are Vacations to Mexico?

How Safe are Vacations to Mexico?

So, you’re thinking of taking a vacation to Mexico, and you’ve noticed the worrying headlines. It’s true that these stories paint a very unflattering, even scary, picture of Mexico, but media outlets so often focus on the negative, the sensational, and the shocking; it’s how they sell newspapers! The thing is that this greatly exaggerates the likelihood and number of such incidents.

The truth is that just as there are areas of Mexico in which you would not want to vacation, there are a very many in which you can find some of the world’s best vacation hotspots. Whole swathes of land which are filled with untamed beauty, luxury resorts, and/or glittering centres of a culture. Don’t miss out on all of this because of the sensationalist media. If you want to have a safe and happy vacation in Mexico there are really only three rules to keep in mind;

Use Common Sense!

Use common sense

If you utilise common sense, no matter where you go, many of the dangers around you can be mitigated before they even become an issue! If you don’t look for trouble, don’t try to buy drugs, don’t go into areas you’re unsure of, follow the advice of resort reps, then you’re unlikely to find it. When you go out on the town make sure you’re with someone who will steer you right, or confirm travel back to your accommodations early. Be polite and respectful, and don’t binge-drink, and you’re practically guaranteed a good, safe night out; random acts of violence are lower in most parts of Mexico than they are in some of the main cities in the USA!

Stick Together

Stick together

This is somewhat of an extension on the first point, but it’s worth stressing. When you go out in a group, whether you’re drinking or exploring, stick together. There is safety in numbers, as they say, but this has as much to do with the perils of getting lost, falling ill, and over-indulgence as anything sinister. Take care of each other and stick together, and you’re not likely to encounter any issues.

Understand You Aren’t Above the Law


This is a bigger issue than you might think; tourists let loose on vacation, and this often leads to their acting in ways that they usually would not. If you keep in mind that you are not above the law you will not fall afoul of local law enforcement.

Mexico is a wonderful, vibrant country with much to offer to tourists from all across the world, and so long as you act with sense and decency you’re sure to have a wonderful time!

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