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Sunglasses for your Vacations

Sunglasses for your Vacations

So, you’re off on vacation and you really need a pair of sunglasses that are fabulous as well as functional… we get that. Sunglasses may be the most useful and versatile accessory anyone can own; they can hide and protect from the repercussions of a late night in the clubs, they shield the eyes from harmful UV rays, they make driving or cycling in bright sunshine doable, and they can really set off an outfit if you get the right ones!

Of course, the problem is that there are so many styles to choose from now; it can be really hard to find a pair that love your face as much as you love them. That said, the single easiest way to get a killer look with your sunglasses is to know your face shape and what styles suit it.

Determine Your Face Shape


Firstly, you have to figure out what face shape yours most closely resembles (it’s possible to be stuck somewhere between two, so don’t worry if you’re not completely in one category). The best way to figure out your face shape is to tie up any hair that might mess with the outline, and trace the shape of your face in a mirror in front of you using lipstick, concealer (cheap stuff, remember!), or a dry erase marker, if you have one. After you’re done reference the outline against the descriptions provided below;

Heart-shaped faces


The classic heart-shaped face is smallest at the chin, and gets broader from there up. Such faces should become acquainted with wayfarer, cat eye, and sports styled frames which are broader at the top than the bottom.

Round faces

A round face shape is, not surprisingly, broader in the middle (across the cheekbones) than at the top and bottom, but the difference is slight. Oversized or angular styles of sunglasses will flatter such faces and produce sleek, stylish look. Think cat eye and wayfarer styles to counterbalance the round effect.

Oval faces


Oval faces are longer than they are wide, and as such they suit many styles (lucky!), but don’t deal well with over or undersized sunglasses too well. Think wayfarer, and aviator styles as well as other round and square frames. Just make sure the sizing is on point!

Square faces

A square face features a strong, prominent jawline and cheekbones with a wide forehead, and will look good in glasses with soft lines and rimless edges. Aviator, round, and shield frames are best for this type of face.

Don’t leave your vacation sunglasses to chance; make an informed choice for sunglasses that you’ll reinvent year after year.

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