Spa Imagine Treatments You Need to Try!

Spa Imagine Treatments You Need to Try!

On vacation and in search of some luxurious pampering? Spa Imagine at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is ranked as one of the best spas in Puerto Vallarta, boasting a world-class deluxe service using innovative equipment, such as the newest facial and body treatment technology, a hydrotherapy circuit, pressure massage shower, and a 6 cycle Vitality pool. Spa Imagine treatments are personalized to meet your needs and focus on balancing your mind, body and soul.

Not only is going to the spa key in helping achieve wellness and beauty goals, it also has a lot of wondrous health benefits. Studies have shown that by receiving spa treatments you will be able to naturally reduce tension and optimize the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This lowers blood pressure, alleviates pain from our bodies, and results in lowered anxiety and improves mood.

Treatments at Hotel Mousai’s Spa Imagine

Spa Imagine treatments are focused on the needs of the individual and helping them descend into a desired stated of relaxation, while reaping the health and wellness benefits of our luxurious products and service.

We have listed some of our favorite Spa Imagine treatments that you need to try during your next vacation!


HydraFacial’s have become one of the most popular facial trends in the modern world, with many people using them as their primary skincare spa routine. They are an exciting new feature at Spa Imagine with two types of treatments available!


The HydraFacial is a non-invasive treatment using a high-tech device that can be used for any skin condition and leaves the skin feeling incredibly clean and nourished with immediate results! The patented HydraFacial device combines several treatments in one session including cleansing and peel with gentle exfoliation, vacuum suction extraction, which removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores; hydrating serums that are massaged into pores using a HydraPeel tip to achieve ultimate hydration; and LED light therapy to stimulate collagen and relax facial muscles.

In both treatments offered at Spa Imagine, a “Lamina Lift Mask’ is applied, which is a deeply nourishing seaweed mask that helps reduce inflammation and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

There are 50-and 80-minute HydraFacial treatments available. The 80-minute routine also includes a deluxe foot massage, a facial lymphatic drainage massage, and a deeper facial cleansing.

Binary Premium by RÖS’S

Spa Imagine has recently added a new Binary Premium treatment. This advanced professional technology is non-invasive and uses capacitive and resistive diathermy and electrostimulation. RÖS’S new multifunctional device is used to improve facial and body aesthetics including skin firming, muscle toning, anti-aging, skin recovery for burns, and anti-cellulite as well as for physiotherapy, and wellness, providing pain relief for muscles.


This technology brings unprecedented facial and body results to restore natural beauty. Pulsed energy helps to regenerate tissues by activating or decelerating the cellular pulse. Electrostimulation helps to achieve optimal results in the regeneration and recovery of skin and muscle cells.

Part of the Binary Treatment includes an Electrolifting Facial, which uses pointer electrodes to activate microcirculation to revitalize tissues, improve muscle tone, and reduce expression lines, with precision.

Electro Lipolysis activates the circulatory system to eliminate fat and facilitate its drainage using electrostimulation bands, which is effective as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Electro firming uses electro-stimulation bands, which evenly distribute current to tone specific muscles and is also used for muscle recovery treatments.

Binary Premium treatments are great for body and facial toning, lifting, and reduction of cellulite as well as pain treatment. Treatments also promote relaxation and wellness.

Signature Experiences

Spa Imagine has soothing therapy rooms that are customized for bespoke spa treatments and a menu of Signature Experiences with tailored treatments that set us apart from other luxury spas in Puerto Vallarta.


There are seven Signature Experiences all based around the chakras. We recommend the Thai Massage Rooting the First Chakra. This Thai massage lasts 90 minutes and is focused on balancing the first chakra with a combination of pressure, stretching, and compression, leading you to a state of inner peace.

Another of our most popular Signature Experiences is the Balancing Ritual Awakening the Seventh Chakra. This unique ritual also lasts 90 minutes and starts with a relaxing massage followed by a chakra balancing ritual using hot stones and aromatherapy oils. This treatment is designed to balance the energy centers of the body.

The Four-Hands Massage


If you want to experience next-level pampering, the Four-Hands massage is literally a massage with four hands. In this invigorating treatment, two therapists work on one client with perfectly synchronized movements with varying pressures combined with music and aromatherapy. This treatment lasts 50 minutes and is very powerful. At first, your brain may find it hard to keep track of the therapists and which one, is doing what. Having four hands hit your body is a unique feeling, but the end result is total relaxation. This treatment is suitable for those experiencing a high level of stress and/or anxiety.

Vitamin C Body Wrap

For anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin, one of the best Spa Imagine treatments is the Vitamin C Body Wrap, which will hydrate your skin and restore its youthful glow.

This 50-minute full body treatment perfectly nourishes and deeply moisturizes to facilitate skin regeneration. The treatment starts with light body exfoliation, removing dead skin cells. This prepares your body for the next stage, a body wrap in a Vitamin C gel with a concentration of citrus with antioxidant properties. This body treatment helps with anti-aging, collagen synthesis, firming the skin, and repairing damage. You will leave with glowing and radiant skin.

The Soul Connection


If you are looking to indulge in a divine couple’s experience, the Soul Connection is a massage ritual designed for couples to connect more deeply with each other. This ritual lasts 100 minutes and includes light body exfoliation, and an aromatherapy massage with hot wax certified for massages. This ritual leads you and your soulmate into a profound and sensual state of relaxation.

Gentleman Spa Package


If you are looking for the perfect gift for a special gentleman in your life, whether that is your partner, your father, father-in-law, or grandpa, the Gentleman Spa Package is the perfect way to spoil them. This treatment lasts for 130 minutes and includes a masculine ritual with deep muscle relaxation followed by a revitalizing facial. And lastly, in the spirit of complete rejuvenation, the treatment ends with a pedicure.

Beauty Salon Services

If you are heading out for a night on the town or celebrating a special occasion, Spa Imagine also offers a range of beauty salon services. Come in for a manicure and pedicure. While your nails are drying, the spa beauticians can perfect your makeup and even give you a stylish updo, so you can hit the town or private beach dinner for two, looking more glamorous than ever!


If you want to experience a new height of relaxation, select from a combination of Spa Imagine treatments, massages, therapies, and rituals. You will walk out looking and feeling a better version of yourself.

Appointments can be booked by calling 1-877-845-3791 or the direct line at +52 322 176 0700 Ext. 6261 & 6262 or online.

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