Playing Basketball on Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Playing Basketball on Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta is a treat by anyone’s standards, but it’s also an opportunity to start new traditions, form good habits, and really squeeze the most out of life. This is why we’re encouraging you to make the most of the basketball court at the Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta. Like all sports basketball is good for your fitness level, but did you know that it can also be good for your mind, your heart, and your social life? It’s true!

Here’s why you need to consider playing basketball while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta;

It’s a Major Calorie Burner


If you have weight-loss goals, Basketball can help you to meet them! The lunging, jumping, running, and lateral movement require in basketball make it a great aerobic exercise and a sure way to elevate your heart rate into serious fat-burning territory.

Better yet, basketball can do wonders for your cardiovascular health and endurance as it keeps your heart rate up for extended periods of time. The result of this, if played on a regular basis, is that you will be at less risk of heart disease and strokes in later life.

Stronger muscles and bones

The range of movements involved in basketball build lean, strong muscles in your legs, back, arms, and deltoids, and can even improve the strength of your wrist flexors and hand muscles.

Furthermore, the weight-bearing elements of the game (like jumping) stimulate the production of fresh bone tissue, and can actually contribute to increased bone strength and resilience!

Motor Skills and Coordination


In order to play well you need to be agile and coordinated, and when you play often you develop these attributes. The complexities of hand-eye and motor coordination required to control the ball while dribbling, running, and shooting make basketball an exacting activity.

Mental Challenge


A game of basketball is fast-paced and intense, and often requires players to make split-second judgements based upon an ever evolving situation; this makes it a game of intelligence as well as strength and speed. Dedicate yourself to basketball and you could find you’re making more effective decisions more quickly in all areas of your life.

Boost Your Immunity


Social sports like basketball and football can lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce stress, and increase energy levels through a mix of exercise and social interaction. This can even bolster your immune system!

Build Discipline


The team aspect of basketball is a real plus for anyone who loves to work with friends in a cooperative and challenging way. As you improve you will find that your communication skills improve and your social outlook shifts to encompass the needs of more people (namely your team).

The fact that the whole team suffers or celebrates for each members actions is part of the reason that basketball has been hailed as a great way to build social skills and confidence in an informal environment.

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