New Spa Treatments at Spa Imagine in Los Cabos!

New Spa Treatments at Spa Imagine in Los Cabos!

You could have dozens of beauty treatments at Spa Imagine, the world-class spa at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos, where new spa treatments are part of the Garza Blanca experience. Since luxury is personal, we are always curious about how to upgrade your stay. Accordingly, we add new spa treatments to our beauty menus frequently.

Nowadays, beauty technology and increasingly popular state-of-the-art equipment does mean that investing in your health, beauty, and well-being by visiting a spa can change your appearance in an instant - and change your life!

new spa treatments at Spa Imagine

A visit to Spa Imagine in Los Cabos truly gives priority access to new spa treatments for those who wish to make themselves a priority.

So read on to find out about the new spa treatments available, so you don’t miss out on these beautiful experiences with fantastic results. It’s time to let go and be present in this beauty.

The HydraFacial

We now offer HydraFacial treatments that last 50 or 80 minutes, both including a “Lamina Lift Mask,” which is a hydrating seaweed mask rich in antioxidants.

If you wish your skin to be glowing as it should on vacation, you should look into the rejuvenation options available with this medical-grade treatment. At Spa Imagine, you can find out for yourself why this facial made over 2 billion media impressions over the last year!

Happy woman at the spa

The HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin facial that uses a high-tech handpiece. The handpiece features patented spiralized treatment tips with “vortex technology” to treat a variety of skin conditions.

Calming redness, smoothing lines, hydration of dry and dehydrated skin, and skin-brightening are all effects that can be achieved for instantly radiant skin, even around the eyes and lips.

new spa treatments the hydrafacial

Several skin treatments can be combined into one session, including cleansing, peeling, exfoliation, vacuum suction extraction, hydrating serums massaged into pores, and LED blue and red light therapy.

The 80-minute session includes a booster treatment, a foot massage, deeper cleansing, and a lymphatic drainage facial massage.

Binary Premium by RÖS’S

How amazing is it to have a human body? It’s the perfect instrument, so it needs looking after with maintenance to be in perfect tune.

The Binary Premium by RÖS’S is an increasingly popular BI-TEC system that can help in many ways. The machine offers three functional healing modalities - aesthetics, physiotherapy, and medical - in combination offering thirty different programs.

new spa treatments binary premium by ross

Utilizing biostimulation procedures that aid in the regeneration and recovery of skin and muscle cells, it provides the future of spa treatments from one remarkable machine.

The Binary Premium by RÖS’S can be used for the recovery of body lesions, and advanced aesthetics - even for usage after surgery treatments in healing.

Recovery from burns, stretch marks, and scars, as well as cellulite and capillary reduction, pain treatments, sports rehabilitation, and pelvic floor recovery, are available treatment options.

Happy woman after spa treatment

On the face, specific skin treatments for laughter lines, deep wrinkles, double chins, sagging facial muscles, and bags under the eyes are popular requests. On the body, muscle toning, skin firming treatments (after pregnancy/diets), fat volume-reduction, and anti-cellulite treatments are the most sought after.

Electro-lifting, electro-firming, and electro-sculpting can all be utilized, as techniques to oxygenate skin tissues, aiding in facial and body toning, lifting, and contouring. All of the treatment protocols were created by Dra. Cruz Domingo, and worldwide they are receiving fantastic reviews.

Spa Imagine in Los Cabos

Here at Spa Imagine, we constantly strive to move with the times to be in tune with the popular and trending treatments that clients have been waiting for. We take great pride in offering the Binary Premium by RÖS’S – currently the top-pick of our new spa treatments.

Tranquility and Disconnection

Beauty and grooming have always played a large part in Mexican culture, with bygone Mayan healing ceremonies producing some of the best knowledge in the industry to date. Beauty treatments naturally attract us because something so beautiful within us loves the peace, joy, love, and mystery that they bring.

Our current new spa treatments all hold the promise of feeling good, with new beauty technology at the forefront, making spa fulfillment a reality, not just a dream.

Happy woman behind a leaf

We have created rituals that help rejuvenate the body and mind, like our Happiness package - a delicious facial, plus a body wrap based on the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C, to seduce your senses and relax your body.

And our Vitality Spa Package, that begins with a footbath to ground the body’s energy and connection to the physical world through a lavender-rosemary exfoliation.

We can even provide a Vegan Oil Massage, specifically created to remedy tension!

Vegan oil massage

Beauty and relaxation in a tropical environment go together, we know. So why not stop for a minute, and take a few steps back from the ‘ongoings’ of your life?

You can visit us at Spa Imagine in Los Cabos, Cancun, or Puerto Vallarta to create a space for yourself - and give your body and mind once again, what it truly desires.

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