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Luxury Hydrotherapy Circuit at Spa Imagine

Luxury Hydrotherapy Circuit at Spa Imagine

When you have a spa treatment at the inimitable Spa Imagine, found at Hotel Mousai within the Puerto Vallarta Garza Blanca Preserve, you’re signing up for a real treat… why not double your pleasure with scheduled time in the hydrotherapy circuit and wet area before your treatments?

Spa Imagine’s Stunning Wet Areas

Spa imagines stunning wet areas

When you make an appointment for a massage, body treatment, or special package, you gain complimentary access to Spa Imagine’s amazing “wet” areas; but if you only want to use these areas without booking a service, they are also open to all guests for a fee! Spa Imagine has the most extensive hydrotherapy circuit in Puerto Vallarta, so you’re in for a real treat!

Any small amount of time will allow you to enjoy some of the spa’s wet areas, but to enjoy the circuit to its fullest you should arrive 60 minutes before your booked treatment. These ancient rituals will warm up your muscles so that you can get the most from your services and treatments.

Here’s a run-down of what the luxury hydrotherapy circuit at Spa Imagine has to offer:

Steam Room

Kick back and relax in this sumptuous steam room you can kick back and let the toxins sweat from your body in style.


This pine finish sauna will restore your spirit and mind while you enjoy the ocean view.

Pressure Massage Shower

Whether you’ve used the sauna or the steam room you can cool off with a lukewarm massage from this power shower that will relax your upper back muscles.

Six-Cycle Vitality Pool

Six cycle vitality pool

This plunge pool is filled with warm water and has six mini-massage jets which will help you to relax by hitting key points on the body which might be holding tension.

Large Whirlpool

Large whirlpool

Why not indulge in some pampering with a dip in the large Jacuzzi where the bubbles and heat will only be enhanced by the spectacular views of the horizon.

Cold Plunge Pool

Cold plunge pool

The ice cold plunge pool will stimulate your entire system; a few seconds in the water is all it takes to emerge with renewed energy.

The healing abilities held by water have long been revered, and this is why Spa Imagine’s wet areas and Hydrotherapy Circuit is considered an essential part of optimal well-being. Both hot and cold stations have their part to play in detoxifying and revitalizing your body; just be sure to take a break between each station so that your body temperature can return to normal.

The luxury hydrotherapy circuit at Spa Imagine is really something else!

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