Luxury Mexico Weddings Pacific Coast or Caribbean

Luxury Mexico Weddings Pacific Coast or Caribbean

When you are planning a luxury destination wedding there are, it seems, a few million decisions that all need your input. Some of them are pretty fun – cakes to be tasted, dresses to be tried on, and more than one bunch of roses to sniff. But there are also things like seating arrangements to fight over, crazy in-laws-to-be to deal with and bridesmaids to pacify… but the biggest decision, undoubtedly, is where and when the big day will be held.

Where will you hold your luxury wedding?


If you would love a beach wedding then we suggest Mexico as a great location for those coming from the USA, Canada and even Europe. If you’re already considering Mexico then it may have occurred to you that choosing between the two wonderful coastlines: Pacific or Caribbean, will be a tough one. So just how do you choose between these alluring and attractive destinations for your luxury Mexico wedding?

Luxury Mexico Weddings - Caribbean or Pacific Coast?

Your choice should most certainly not just depend upon which has the most direct flights to your home town, although this is a consideration, of course, when it comes to choosing a “side” for your luxury Mexican wedding. For example, wedding parties hailing from Europe may find the shorter flights to the Mexico’s Caribbean, more attractive, while west coast Americans and Canadians may enjoy the short flights to the Pacific Coast and Baja California.

Mexico Weddings on the Pacific Coast

Mexico’s Pacific coast presents a huge array of beautiful areas for a beach wedding. Whether it’s Los Cabos in Baja California, with its wonderful beach front villas and hacienda-esque architecture, or Puerto Vallarta with its lively cityscapes and vibrant gastro-scene. Even the sleepy villages of the Riviera Nayarit cater to everyone from the very posh to the highly boho-chic.

On the western coast of Mexico you will find unparalleled scenery – the Sierra Madre Mountains, for one, offer gorgeous sunsets, stunning golden sand beaches and crystalline waters. And if you venture into the Central Pacific area of the coast you should be prepared to see humpback whales breaching in the near distance - 800 pass through this area every winter.

If you are a couple that wants a little more privacy from their luxury Mexico wedding, then the Pacific coast is for you! There are many islands in this area which will give you a taste of isolated paradise for your ceremony. The west coast also gets a little less wind and a more defined rainy season, which makes picking a date a little easier!

Mexico Weddings on the Caribbean Coast

​If it’s the idyllic white sand beaches, turquoise waters and endless summers you are after then what you need is the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Cancun and the Riviera Maya are the real superstars here, bringing vibrant city life, a great party scene and, in the case of Riviera Maya, awesome junglescapes, mangroves and exotic wildlife. In addition to this, the Caribbean coast of Mexico has some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the country.

Choosing a Caribbean wedding in Mexico also gives you access to a huge number of eco-tours which could see you and your guests going for bike-rides, marine explorations and wilderness adventures. You could even have an underwater wedding! If that’s a little too extreme, however you could try having your ceremony in one of the many wonderful archaeological sites that can be found all across the east coast of Mexico. This could be an underground cave or a Mayan ruin. Either way your guests will have more to talk about than what your uncle Jack did at the reception this time! Even if you choose a more traditional ceremony for your luxury Mexico wedding you could still visit these places and suggest them as trips for your wedding party.

Whether you’re a foodie, an adrenaline junkie, a history lover or a marine wildlife enthusiast you’ll find that Mexico has the variety you’re looking for when it comes to luxury weddings. Mexico can provide you with the best backdrops, activities and adventures no matter which coast you get married on.

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