The Best Shopping Villa for Families in Puerto Vallarta, Discover TierraLuna

The Best Shopping Villa for Families in Puerto Vallarta, Discover TierraLuna

A perfect shopping day is that in which everyone gets a little something, and TierraLuna, a dreamy shopping villa in Puerto Vallarta, does the work in the most exclusive and luxurious way ever. However, TierraLuna is so much more than that: it is a whole experience that takes place in the middle of the jungle, in an inspiring setting that invites you to connect with your loved ones while looking for that perfect little “something” to bring back home. Read on to discover the magic that awaits in this Mexican paradise.

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TierraLuna: A Paradise in the Heart of the Jungle

No one would ever suspect that, in the very heart of Garza Blanca Preserve, hidden among thick-tropical vegetation and the glimmering ocean, lies the best shopping villa for families: TierraLuna, an outdoor space that was created with nature, culture, family fun, and innovative design, on mind.

Garza Blanca Preserve, an exclusive 4 Diamond all-inclusive beach resort located in Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta, is renowned for its luxurious accommodations, breathtaking ocean views and world-class service. This stunning resort is part of TAFER’s collection of luxury resorts in Mexico, and it’s also the setting where TierraLuna stands: amidst luxury and nature.

What Makes of TierraLuna such a Hidden Gem?

TierraLuna is a perfect paradise for those who seek to connect with nature thanks to its privileged location in the mountainside of Puerto Vallarta and to its open design that allows for magnificent views of both, the Sierra Madre jungle, and the Pacific Ocean. Imagine being surrounded by the lush vegetation, or hearing the sounds of the jungle while you take a walk… That is what TierraLuna seeks: to provide a beautiful, natural haven for visitors; much more inspiring than your average shopping mall.

But a visit to TierraLuna offers way more than its impressive natural setting. At this unique villa you will find nine specialty boutiques, which are perfect for a shopping spree and to satisfy every wish and whim. For instance, in Musa, you will find curated fine jewelry that combines the beauty of silver with materials that reflect the textures and contrasts of Banderas Bay. Piedra de Río offers beautiful traditional garments from Mexican indigenous tribes, folk art, and many other authentic Mexican handicrafts. Each boutique at TierraLuna offers a little piece of Mexico, with all of its color and inspiration to bring back home.

Also, when visiting TierraLuna, riding the one-of-a-kind carousel with your family is a must. It is also the best way to entertain the little ones when they get bored of all that shopping.

Family at Tierraluna carousel

You will also find an impressive outdoor Amphitheater, in which special events and magnificent weddings take place, and a dreamy lake that flows through the center of the property. Explore this special sanctuary located amidst the serene privacy that the jungle offers.

TierraLuna: The Best Shopping Villa for Families

But TierraLuna is the best shopping villa for families for a reason: not only is there a kids’ boutique, Stella Kids, with gorgeous outfits for the little ones that are fit for the coastal weather; TierraLuna counts with an amazing area denominated the Family Area, in which you will find several activities for families and their little members, such as a Circus Show and painting classes.

And, as mentioned above, TierraLuna offers another treat that is a must-ride for kids and parents alike: our dreamlike family carrousel, in which you can ride fairy-tale animals and take gorgeous pictures with your loved ones.

Family day at Tierra luna

Dare to experience the beauty of TierraLuna , the best shopping villa for families in Puerto Vallarta on your next stay at Garza Blanca Preserve.

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