Top Puerto Vallarta Tour Cruises

Top Puerto Vallarta Tour Cruises

If you are tired of looking at the same landscapes over and over again, you might want to try venturing out into the wide open sea that surrounds Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay, Mexico.  Boat tour cruises can provide a new dimension to your vacation experiences as you get to see the beauty of the coastlines and discover the hidden beaches of nearby coves. Fun-filled activities like dancing, swimming, diving, snorkeling and gourmet dining all feature on the tour cruises that you can enjoy in Puerto Vallarta.

Here are some of the tour cruises you may wish to reserve while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta:

Rhythms of the Night Boat Tour Cruises

Rhythms of the night boat tour cruises

A romantic night is in the making if you choose to join the Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise. Ideal for couples and lovers seeking sweet adventures to deepen their commitment and families and groups of friends looking for a sophisticated tour for the evening. The quiet beach of Las Caletas is the venue for an extraordinary night out. As the boat arrives to the beach, you will hear drums beating in the distance and you will be escorted to an amphitheatre in the jungle to watch a fascinating performance telling the ancient tales of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic cultures. After the show, your gourmet buffet dinner will be accompanied by the stars as you dine on the beach by candlelight. This is a magical cruise that promises to capture your imagination.

Marigalante Puerto Vallarta Boat Cruise

pirate boat

The Marigalante is a replica wooden pirate ship that offers fun cruises around Banderas Bay to make you feel like a red blooded pirate for a day or night.  You will encounter one eyed bandits and peg-legged captains for a show worth writing home about. Colorful costumes and other pirate antics bring you back to the days of the Golden Age of Pirates when buccaneers spread fear over the seas.  You’ll be entertained by acrobatics, sword fighting and pirate shanties in addition to gourmet cuisine served in the belly of the boat. The day tour cruise includes water sports, pirate games, treasure hunting on the beach and lunch while the night time show delivers an epic pirate battle, dancing, fireworks and enough to drink for the whole night.

Las Marietas Cruise

Las marietas cruise

A prime favorite among visitors to Puerto Vallarta, the Las Marietas Cruise will take you to the secluded volcanic islands of Las Marietas. Not only will you enjoy a number of fun activities on board, like music, water sports and dancing, you will be served a sumptuous lunch including drinks all day at an open bar.  Arriving at the islands calls for a brave swim through a cave, to reach a hidden beach with its flour like sand and astonishingly clear waters right in the center of the islands.  The cruise tour also includes snorkeling with a guide to teach you the basics.

Las Animas Boat Cruise

Las animas boat cruise

The areas of Los Arcos Underwater National Park and Las Animas beach are two of the most popular places to spend the day in Puerto Vallarta on a cruise. A La Animas boat cruise will include a lot of dancing, singing, music and an open bar for your pleasure. Snorkeling is the top activity at Los Arcos rock formation before getting back on the boat to head to Las Animas where you can play beach volleyball, kayak in its shallow waters or simply hang out on the beach. Heading home there will be another round of drinks, partying and karaoke for those who dare. The fun seems endless if you decide to take the Las Animas Boat Cruise.

Princess Sunset Cruise

If you want to get a full glimpse of Banderas Bay’s spectacular night’s sky and the vibrant city scene of Puerto Vallarta as seen from the coast, try the Princess Sunset Cruise. For two and a half hours you will enjoy sightseeing, relaxing and drinking your favorite liquor as the sea breeze keeps you cool and comfortable.  Opportunity for partying is available on the lower deck, where you can sway and get into the party mood.  This is a pleasant night cruise that gets you close to the beauty of the ocean while enjoying a party atmosphere.

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