Swim with Wild Dolphins in Puerto Vallarta

Swim with Wild Dolphins in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re lucky enough to have witnessed dolphins in the wild before then you’ll know that they are some of the most joyful, curious, and intelligent creatures in the world. When not confined to small spaces so that they can be forced to perform these majestic creatures are sociable, happy, and gorgeous. The intense curiosity of these animals ensures that any encounter with them is memorable and magical.

Swim with Dolphins in the Wild in Puerto Vallarta


Banderas Bay is one of the most stunning and popular tourist destinations in Mexico, and is a spot frequented by many different marine species… most notably, however, is the population of bottlenose dolphins. There are some companies in Puerto Vallarta that have built their ethical animal experience tour around this fact, taking small groups out into the bay to have fun and ethical encounters with wild dolphins on their terms.

Up Close and personal with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta


Most wild dolphin tours are small, personalized, and tailored to the mood of the pod on any given day. This means that while you are guaranteed to see them up close and personal (and hear them through the hydrophone) you may not get to swim with them; it depends on the age and size of the pod as well as their mood. The odds are good, however, as the team has experience, and the boat itself is shaded to be as non-disruptive as possible to the dolphins.

What dolphins will you see?


Well, young dolphins of any kinds are most likely to approach the boat and people; they’re very curious. Spotted dolphins, too, are common in the Bay, and so you may see them as well as the bottlenose dolphins which feature most heavily. Between December and March, too, you may also see spinner and rough toothed dolphins alongside giant mantas, sea turtles, humpback whales, and even Orcas and false Orcas.

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