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How to Stay Fit at Villa del Palmar Cancun

How to Stay Fit at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Staying fit and living healthy is not always the easiest path to choose, especially when you’re on vacation where indulgence is so often the order of the day. It can be tough to eat well, exercise daily, get enough sleep, and avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking too much, but at the Villa del Palmar in Cancun it’s a little easier.

Vacations are good for your mental and emotional well being, lowering stress and giving you time to recharge, but at the Villa del Palmar Cancun we believe they can also be good for your body. This is why we offer healthy options and opportunities to remain active at our stunning resorts across Mexico. Cancun is not the only example, but we feel it is one of the very best;

Healthy Options on the Resort Menus


Villa del Palmar Cancun has on site eateries and snack bars to enjoy, this is one of their big selling points, but did you know that all menus make allowances for dietary needs and those seeking lighter options? Well, it’s true! On each menu you will find symbols which indicate which dishes are low calorie, gluten free, vegetarian, or dairy free etc. Furthermore, the chefs will be happy to make dishes tailored to your specific dietary requirements; let your server know what you need when you arrive and they may even get the chef to come over and discuss options with you.

Healthy Corner

Healthy corner

Caprichos restaurant has been a stunningly successful addition to the Villa del Palmar Cancun Resort & Spa, and now there is the “Healthy Corner” where guests can enjoy great food which takes care of their bodies as well as making them feel good. You can find a selection of gluten free pastries, freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruits, and even low fat, egg white omelettes. If you want to kick start your day the right way this is where you need to do it!

Staying Fit and Active


You can complement this healthy eating with exercise and activity! The Villa del Palmar in Cancun has a state of the art gym which is open to all guests, and multiple pools in which you can do your morning laps (if that’s your thing). If you want less conventional means of exercising when you’re on vacation you can also check out the activities schedule which Villa del Palmar Cancun runs for its guests. On a given day you can enjoy yoga by the sea, swimming, beach or water volleyball, or even hire some paddle boards. All of this will help to keep your waistline in check on vacation.

Body, mind and spirit


As well as exercise and good eating, wellness comes down to your stress levels and mental/emotional wellbeing. For this purpose the Villa del Palmar Cancun offers meditation sessions, and the Village Spa offers treatments which help to detox, destress, and generally pamper the body to benefit the mind.

At the Villa del Palmar in Cancun we believe that you should be able to stay fit and healthy while you vacation.

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