Historical Naval Museum in Puerto Vallarta

Historical Naval Museum in Puerto Vallarta

The Historical Naval Museum in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, opened its doors in 2006 and has, since then, made a point of devoting itself to educating all its visitors about the far reaching and positive effects which the Mexican navy has had upon the country. The goal of preserving and displaying the rich and interesting culture and history of maritime pursuits in Mexico is a mammoth task, but it is one which the naval Museum achieves quite comfortably.

Found in a colonial style building which once served as the Navy headquarters, Port authority office, and Navy Hospital the Museum can be found by the famous Malecon boardwalk in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Here’s what you need to know:

Interactive Exhibitions

Interactive exhibitions

The museum is completely up to date, and offers all visitors the chance to get involved in interactive exhibitions and displays. These include several audiovisual contributions as well as an amazing, five screen navigation simulator which will give you an idea of what it felt like to navigate a large ship through different environments and weather conditions.Furthermore, you will find detailed scale models of old and modern ships and forts, and a topographical layout of Mexico which shows many prominent ports.

You can also consider some of the navigational tools and charts on display, and learn about the defence of Veracruz during the second North American Intervention. This is perhaps the most important date in Mexican Maritime history; on April 21st 1914 a group of young men successfully defended the port from the incursions of the Naval School. It’s not all blood and seriousness, however; you will also see some examples of how sailors added mythological terrors to their charts to keep crews on their toes!

Maritime History of Mexico

Maritime history of mexico

The maritime history of Mexico is long and interesting, date back to pre-hispanic eras, but it is the history of Puerto Vallarta in particular that you will also be able to learn. Some of the exhibits and artefacts concern the encountering of Nao ships from China, trade with other ports, documented sea journeys of note, and even details on the defence of this natural bay when threats arose. Within the five exhibition rooms you will find uniforms, documents, photographs, paintings, and maps. The overall result? An in-depth consideration of Mexico’s illustrious Naval history.

The historical Naval Museum in Puerto Vallarta is open throughout the year between 10 am and 5 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Entrance fees are as follows;

Disabled Persons: FREE Children under 6; FREE Children, Teachers and Students; 30 Pesos Seniors; 30 Pesos General Admission: 45 Pesos

So, why not get out of the hot, Mexican sun for a few hours and steep yourself in the fascinating maritime history of Mexico? This is a family-friendly experience you won’t regret!

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