The Best Rooftop in Cancun: A Perfect Spot to Vacay with Friends

The Best Rooftop in Cancun: A Perfect Spot to Vacay with Friends

When luxury traveling with friends, the main goal is to have fun and enjoy unbelievable experiences of all kinds; when visiting Garza Blanca Cancun, the sky is the limit on how many sophisticated experiences you can take part on at the most breathtaking rooftop in all of the Mayan Peninsula. So, as you may have guessed by now, Garza Blanca’s Rooftop is a must visit place during your next getaway to Mexico with friends. However, if in doubt, keep reading to learn more about the unique experience that awaits not only at this stunning rooftop, but at the whole resort in Cancun.

Which is the Best Resort for a Getaway to Mexico?

The perfect holiday with friends starts with picking the best resort to stay at, as it will make all the difference from a regular trip to a stellar one. An all-inclusive resort is a must, as you will not want to carry your wallet around every meal, or do complicated math when the check arrives. However, you will not want to book just any all-inclusive resort, this is Cancun we are speaking about, after all. You and your friends deserve the whole package: a to-die-for all-inclusive resort that blends fun with class and that is both, breathtaking and laid-back; impressive, but not intimidating.

Friends at garza blanca cancun rooftop

Garza Blanca Resort and Spa Cancun, a contemporary resort that is part of the renowned TAFER Hotels and Resorts group, is THE choice. Garza Blanca is known for its contemporary high-end design, outdoor swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, world-class hospitality, and top-tier luxury suites and residences that blend in seamlessly with a secluded coastline where you and your friends will get to soak up the sun and enjoy life in the paradisiac beaches of Cancun, a dreamy setting for the perfect vacation with friends.

Which is the Best Rooftop in Cancun?

Now that you are settled in your suite, it is time to take your crew to new heights and enjoy the best experience Cancun hast to offer at The Rooftop at Garza Blanca Cancun, a space that features an impressive view of the coast that will make the most striking backdrop for all those group pictures and selfies.

Imagine you and your friends lounging next to the glamorous infinity pool with the majestic Caribbean Sea sprawling in the horizon. Then, one of your pals plunges into the pool, inviting all of you to refresh in that impressive pool with her. Everyone joins her to then prepare to take a beautiful group photo with the sea as backdrop; that is when your Garza Blanca signature drinks arrive, and when you realize you are, literally, at the top of the world with paradise at your feet.

Brunch, Lunch, or Cocktail hour? Why not all?

Speaking of drinks, The Rooftop offers amazing concoctions, created by our top mixologists to elevate your experience with fresh takes on classics such as the Mezcaltini, that combines the flavorful, smoky Mexican Mezcal with the ingredients of a regular Martini. Why not try something new? After all, you are in paradise.

Lifestyle Rooftop cancun

When hunger strikes from all that laughing, swimming, and sun-soaking, make sure to try one of the gourmet bites from the Rooftop’s menu, such as the Flank Steak Tacos or the fresh Tuna Poke Bowl. You can order a variety of dishes to share with your friends or have a scrumptious brunch by the infinity pool with cocktails in hand… A fantasy available only at the best rooftop in Cancun.

Dinner and Drinks on Top of the World

By evening, the Rooftop is as impressive as it is by daytime, with the views of the Caribbean sea glistening with the lights of the nearby ships and resorts, and all of the stars crowning the sky.

Celebrating with friends at garza blanca cacnun rooftop

Make sure you and your friends spend an unbelievable night at the Rooftop, dressing to the nines, and lounging by the terrace. Or you can enjoy an early dinner as the sun sets, with spectacular views, gourmet dishes, and the best drinks in all of Cancun to elevate the whole experience.

The Sky is the Limit

You and your friends deserve the best, and there is nothing better than The Rooftop: The perfect spot to live your very best life in company of your favorite people.

Dare to live the experience and vacay your way in the Mexico of your dreams

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