This stunning 2,122 square foot suite is two Ultra Mousai Suites with a connecting door, that can be locked-off for additional privacy. The Two Bedroom Ultra Mousai Suite is like a suite in the sky, guaranteed to be located on the highest floors to give you the best view of the tropical landscape.

One of the lock-off suites features a king-size bed and the other has two queen-size beds to comfortably accommodate up to 5 guests. Both connecting suites feature groundbreaking interior design with plush furniture and striking details, which are bold and convey sensuality, such as brilliant red chairs sculpted in the form of the lower half of a nude model.

The suites also feature high-tech gadgets including futuristic electric curtains that respond to the suite’s iPad, which also controls the lighting, TV, and music, to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Futuristic electric curtains that respond to the suite’s iPad * Sliding doors to private terrace and jetted pool * Richly textured walls plastered in metallic pearl, gold, and silver tones * Exclusive furniture by Italian designers * Personal butler * Ocean and jungle views
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